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Jan 03


Nov 05

Medium Lukewarm: An Enjoyable Swim - Mitt/Ann Romney Fan Fic -


Mitt sat by the pond in his most breathable suit. He stared into the distance, absentmindedly chewing on a gold ingot to strengthen his notable teeth. “Skip me another stone, Fennimore.” Fennimore, his favorite butler, (indicated with a colorful armband,) nodded and skipped another stone, which…

Aug 05

Drunk Criss Angel, a sketch I wrote.


Drunk Criss Angel

Jul 06

Medium Lukewarm: RIP Julian -


We do very stupid things when we’re younger, not that we ever really stop. When I was in junior high school especially, I was, to one specific person, very mean. I said very hurtful things to him and played hateful pranks on him, and was 100% the type of bully that every human should strive to be…

May 26



Medium Lukewarm: Food. -


“You know it’s not over.” I ignored the words, applying every bit of will I had to suppress the pain coursing through me. I was barely a shadow of my former self, remnants of the day before. Now, I was a sad reminder of former glory, an unceremonious pile. My wet inhalations must have been…

Medium Lukewarm: A Eulogy by Dr. Seuss -


We stand here today, in the not-so-warm air,

As a not-so warm breeze un-coifs our hair.

The most darkest of clothes, we find ourselves in,

Clothes black as midnight, then blacker again.

Just look at young Petey,

in his goo-gum wood box,

his cold, lifeless feeties,

in Yellyboar-fur…

Home Depoe: 2011 Halloween Costumes -


1. Courtney Stodden

2. Dead Courtney Stodden

3. Courtney Stodden’s tweets, but dead

4. Courtney Stodden, sneaking into the bathroom to cry to her mom on the phone that she wants to come home and sleep in her own bed

5. Kim Kardashian, waking up alone in a hotel room in the middle of…